Technology had greatly simplified the loan process. With technology driven lenders and mortgage professionals, a purchase loan now can be closed in 21 days compared to 45 days in the old ways of old days.

Coupled with powerful rate quoting engine, market rates had became very competitive and it is easy to get a good rate through a technology driven broker/lenders.

Our business model is structured to provide our clients with competitive market rates and fast and easy closing services.

On top of that, we strongly believe in understanding our clients’ needs and be able to provide the best financial solutions via various loan programs available in the market, therefore, we provide a free in-depth consultation consisting of the following steps –

  • Free Consultation to Determine Your Maximum Loan Amount and Best Interest Rates
    We help you to collect, prepare, and present the information you need to get your best possible loan amount and interest rate:
    • Credit
    • Income
    • Assets
  • Set Up Your Personalized Loan Scenario
    Based on the result of the consultation, we will provide you:
    • Loan scenarios you can chose from
    • Monthly payment options
    • Your required downpayment
    With this information you will have a clear picture of what you need to buy the home of your dreams:
    • Develop your personal budget
    • Have confidence in making the right choice
    • And move forward with your home ownership
  • Provide the Loan Pre-Approval Letter You Need to Start Making Offers
    You are now ready to find the home of your dreams.
    We have online application and digital signing available to simplify the process for your convenience.

Once the purchase contract has been fully executed, the loan is submitted to underwriting, the real action starts taking off. We had a series of video tutorial explaining what to expect during the loan underwriting process and what should be aware of to ensure the successful closing of the loan.


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